Mexico City and beyond!

Dates are Tenative

however it will be in that 2nd 1/2 of October Possibly into the 1st few days of November

Our best guess right now is..

October 20, 2014 - October 28, 2014


Spread the word!

Sign up sheet will be posted late dec-early jan

As always all deposits are completely refundable***

***except paypal charges***


 1st deposit of $500 will be due Jan 15th.


 followed by $500 each month for 4 or 5 months

 (once we get a price locked down).

 Those wishing to book their own airfare will recieve a discount of $400


CZ never profits from our trips, we're in this for enjoyment, not employment!


 Estimated pricing is $2000 - $2500 which includes airfare (from BWI).


 Our triumphant return to "Mexico Lindo" for the 50th anniversary of Montaña Rusa (more coasters and parks than any of our previous visits!)


Spread the word! we'll have an amazing time!

 Current Park Stops include:


 Parque Bicentenario

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 Parque Quiqueland


 Parque Infantil Miguel Hidalgo


 Parque J.M. Romo

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 Parque Heroes Mexicanos


 Selva Mágica (partner park with La Feria)

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 Parque Francisco Villa


 Ixtapan Parque Aquicito


Divertido Adventure Park (Formerly Perimágico)

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 Six Flags Mexico

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 La Feria Chapultepec Magico (partner park with Selva Mágica)

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 12 Parks, Approximately 30 different coasters!

 Perhaps More!?




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